Look what she did with her Yudu

So back on this post I told you about Provo Craft’s newest invention, the Yudu.  I have yet to buy one due to low funds but one day I hope to have one.  Meanwhile, I’m filling the void in my life by seeing the cool stuff Erin makes with her Yudu.  She made her first t’shirt and shared it with her readers.  I wanted to make sure that any of you that read my blog also got a chance to see the Yudu in action.
I think her shirt turned out REALLY well.  I love it.  She also answered some questions people had about it and if you have a question about it you can leave a comment on that post and she’ll try and answer it for you.
I hope she keeps making lots of new items with it because I can’t see what else it can do.  So please check out her blog